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Our Brands

The store offers professional hair products, with natural components, sulfate-free, parabens, phosphates and silicones, depending on the brand.

You will find the following brands:

  • ICON
  • Tanino Belma Kosmetik
  • Naturalmente
  • La Beauté Hair Professional
  • Elyssa Cosmetiques
  • Lola Cosmetics
  • Maika
  • Roverhair

The Philosophy

Hair products ICON, Naturalmente, Lola Cosmetics, Maika, Roverhair are made with the most ecological ingredients from the most technologically advanced science, whether through its packaging in bottle, jar, tube or in a metal container. With so-called "Green" formulas, it’s as good for us as it is for the planet. Shampoos do not contain sulfates, conditioners and care treatments have anti-aging ingredients (such as Acai, and vitamins A, C, E,), calming and hydrating anti-inflammatory ingredients (Aloe Vera ), hair protective ingredients that provide strength, easier of handling and shine (such as silk proteins, quinoa), proteins to give body and shine to the hair (soy proteins), proteins that promote healthy hair by improving their elasticity and firmness (wheat proteins), blends of softening and fortifying oils that control rebellious hair (Argan and Morenga oils, Shea butter,), seaweed extracts to revitalize the hair up to its extremity, acids to help rebuild damaged hair from the inside (Amino acids), natural oils rich in vitamins and minerals to treat and hydrate the hair (avocado oil, coconut oil), a emollient that helps other ingredients penetrate the hair while making it easier to comb (Safflower oil), an oil that helps protect hair while increasing moisture retention (Babassou seed oil), a moisturizer that helps keep hair hydrated while increasing volume (Panthenol), or a natural extract that works with other natural ingredients to improve the inner structure of the hair, essential oil to stimulate the scalp (menthol). They are guaranteed free of parabens, sulfates and synthetic silicones.

Quality Haircare

Tanino Belma Kosmetik (Enzymotherapy) hair products are designed to strengthen and protect the hair, providing softness and shine. They are based on Argan, or Ojon, but also vitamins A, B, F, antioxidants, minerals that protect the hair fiber, enzymes for hair reconstruction, silky hair and better shine. They are sulfate-free and salt-free and paraben-free for healthy hair. Tanino care treatments with Argan oil or Ojon oil deeply hydrate the hair, they are also paraben free. Argan Oil treatment is formulated to protect hair from the heat of hair dryers and straightening plates, this treatment provides incredible softness and shine. Tanino Masque Excellence, Thermique Oil and Miracle Oil care treatments are recommended for very chemically weakened hair, as they rebuild the keratin chains that your hair has lost over time. These care treatments are optimized with the Tanino Power Shot treatment. They are guaranteed without sulfates, parabens, and phosphates.

The Straightening Products

Elyssa Cosmetiques hair products are formulated to always better respect the nature and delicate balance of the hair.

You will find:

- COCOA ORGANIC smoothing treatments with Tannin, Castor Oil and Cocoa without formalin

- SOS Botox treatment to reduce hair volume

- Cocoa Brasilis straightening with keratin, for very wavy hair, it relaxes frizzy hair well

- Smoothing Modelage

Premium Haircare Brands

La Beauté Hair Professionals hair products are vegan and not tested on animals. The particularity of this range is the composition developed based on pure & natural molecules of Keratin and Argan oil.

The treatments intensively regenerate thick, fine, colored or highlighted hair, dry, Recommended particularly for devitalized and tired hair and also the best ally of straightening or chemical treatments ... Pure keratin will rebuild the hair fiber from the inside and the natural argan brings the silky, shiny side ... All with a pleasant smell. Enriched with pure keratin protein which helps to reconstitute, strengthen and protect the hair.