About us

Our Company

Shampooingshop is an online store specialized in professional hairstyle products for nonprofessional consumers.

I am a professional hairdresser with 25 years of experience, passioned by my work.

My concern as a hairstylist is to fully satisfy every customer, and every customer is unique.

I choose professional brands that strive to use natural and environmentally friendly compounds and replace the harmful synthetic ones, for a more ecologic and safe formula, using the latest technologies. Greener formulas are better for everyone.

The brands

Brands found in the online store such as ICON, Enzymothérapy, Roverhair, La Beauté Hair Professionnal, Naturalmente, Elyssa Cosmetiques  are guaranteed sulfate and paraben free for the majority of products. These products are not tested in animals.

The compounds are of plant origin, such as argan oil, olive oil, aloe vera based compounds, shea butter, etc.

The treatments

The treatments penetrate deeply into the hair and progressively restore it, provided the product is used regularly.

The products sold at Shampooingshop are professional.