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Tanino Enzymotherapy Argan Oil:

Shampoo 500ml

Mask 500ml

Recovery Leave in 250ml

Argan Oil 250ml.

Paraben free. Belma Kosmetik

The mask ARGAN OIL RECOVERY provides nutrients to the hair for restructuring and protection against external agents such as sun, water . It is rich in antioxidants and neutralize free radicals responsible for aging hair . Brings softness and shine instantly eliminates frizz and adds more length to hair , being rich in oil Ojon provides vitamins A and E to the hair. Suitable for: ✓ Repair the hair fiber ✓ High-lubricity hair ✓ Sunscreen ✓ Remove curled ✓ Facilitate combing

Argan Oil 100ml

Description :Fix split ends .Facilitate combing .Disciplining hair. Protects hair from iron and hairdryer heat .Eliminate frizz

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