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Lola-Cosmetics-Be-m-dita-Ghee-Papaya-and-Keratin-Vegetable --- Shampoo-Reconstruction Shine Hair Shampoo 250ml


Description. Be (M) Shampoo called Ghee Reconstruction Papaya & Keratin Vegetable is a lightly reconstructive shampoo that gently cleanses, restores brittle and fragile hair. What you need to know: You can replace the mass if you lose the chemical, mechanical and environmental process. I also restore strength and strength, in the application of amino acids necessary to put an end to the breakage and elastic threads, by giving it back its natural malleability.

Indicate: • For brittle and fragile hair. Strengths: My plant active ingredients of Papaya and Vegetable Keratin are remineralizing and restore the hair fiber, from the inside to the outside, the hair stronger and more resistant. What is Ghee? In India, ghee is a beuse for daily use, considering sacrifice and celebrated with a symbol of auspiciousness, nutrition and healing. It is used in more medical formulations and as a massage.

According to Ayurveda, ghee stimulates the production of Ojas, the basis of immunity and the essence of all bodily tissues, promoting physical and mental renewal; august intelligence, refines intellect and improve memory. Ghee is burnt temples and pujas (rituals) all over India. It is believed that "the light of a flame of ghee drives away all negativity."

Directions for use: apply with a small amount of wet cheese, massage gently then rinse. Repeat if necessary. Follow with Be (m) vegetable butter called Ghee of Reconstruction.

The brand's proposition: Lola Cosmetics stems from a choice: be happy! Live your life in a good mood, even if nothing seems to be working. Not even your hair! They are there to make you see the sensations and the so special, the vibrant colors, the motivating and humorous textiles, causing a unique and motivating feeling! Lola is on an entrepreneurial adventure knowing the animations of this world, which includes tests against dogs, cats and pet animations!


Hair types: damaged, brittle, chemically treated

Need: Strength, Hydration, Deep cleansing, Reconstruction

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