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Tanino Enzymotherapy Treatment Argan Oil:

1 Shampoo Argan Oil 250ml

1 Mask Argan Oil 250ml

1 Argan Oil 100ml

1 Recovery Argan Oil 250ml

Paraben free

The mask ARGAN OIL RECOVERY provides nutrients to the hair for restructuring and protection against external agents such as sun, water . It is rich in antioxidants and neutralize free radicals responsible for aging hair . Brings softness and shine instantly eliminates frizz and adds more length to hair , being rich in oil Ojon provides vitamins A and E to the hair. Suitable for: Repair the hair fiber . High-lubricity hair . Sunscreen .Remove curled .Facilitate combing

Argan Oil : ARGAN OIL returns magic to your hair by eliminating frizz while it offers shine and softness. The result is thick hair, shiny, helps repair damaged hair, while it serves as a heat shield to protect from heat of irons and hair dryers. Traps moisture and slows the effects of aging hair. Quickly absorbed and leaves no residue.

Description :

Fix split ends .Facilitate combing .Disciplining hair .Protects hair from iron and hairdryer heat. Eliminate frizz

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