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Tanino Enzymotherapy Belma Kosmetik:

1 shampoo Argan Oil 250ml

1 Argan Oil 100ml

1 Excellence Mask 300ml

Argan Oil ARGAN OIL returns magic to your hair by eliminating frizz while it offers shine and softness. The result is thick hair, shiny, helps repair damaged hair, while it serves as a heat shield to protect from heat of irons and hair dryers. Traps moisture and slows the effects of aging hair. Quickly absorbed and leaves no residue.

Mask Excellence :

Description Excellence Mask is indicated for reconstructing damaged hair, brittle and chemically treated. It strengthens the hair, replenishing and joining keratin chains that hair have lost over time. Use Instructions: On rinsed hair apply a small amount of Excellence Mask wick by wick from the root to tips and distribute with the help of a comb. Leave on for 5 to 15 minutes then rinse again.

Belma Kosmetik/ Enzymotherapy


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